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Micro-station Albixon TP-5EO agréée jusqu'à 5 Equivalent Habitant: la valeur sûre

Agoa Environnement

Des solutions fiables, économiques et écologiques en assainissement et récupération d’eau de pluie.

Agoa Environnement est distributeur national Albixon

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Assainissement - Partenaire entreprise Spie Batignolles
Assainissement - Partenaire entreprise MaletAssainissement - Station d'épuration 40 Equivalent Habitant pour EMMAUS


AGOA ENVIRONNEMENT is involved in environmental maintenance and improvement technologies with an emphasis on water management.

Agoa Environment is the solution when it comes to rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, as well as grey water filtering and pollution control.
Agoa Environnement's expertise in community sanitation enables us to manage projects at an industrial level, public or private, such as production sites, housing developments, grouped housing, camping sites, self-catering cottages and hotels, anywhere in the world.




Any size implementation must be individually studied and measured. Agoa Environnement will work with you through every step of the process in order to define the right solution together.
We will provide you with a full portfolio in which you will find answers to all your technical, regulatory, and environmental requirements as applied in the country where the installation is to take place.
Since its creation, Agoa Environnement strongly develops its product on international markets through a network of onsite partners who concern themselves with expansion (in becoming distributors).


Furthermore, the variety of projects worked on constantly enhances our solutions as we adapt ourselves to the needs and requirements of each specific country.




Thanks to this acquired international experience, we are able to manage large sanitation projects (up to the equivalent of 4,000 people) anywhere in the world by coordinating procurement, logistics, and transport, and providing an onsite team that will take care of the installation, the implementation and training local staff.
Our parts specific method of production allows us to optimise our transport costs with an installation onsite. Thanks to this method, our stations are shipped in classic containers.




Don't hesitate to contact us for a specific project. We are sure to convince you of our responsiveness and professionalism, and apply global competitive rates.






Thanks to its network of specialised professionals, Agoa Environnement can also help you with your individual, community, or other specific projects relating to rainwater harvesting.
Our innovative techniques can optimise water resources and can be customised according to the climate and environment in the geographical zone where the installation is taking place.